Children's & Parent's Facilities

The Waves Club: Ph. 41521 531. Children's and Parents' Facilities

With the most recent redevelopment completed in 2016, The Waves Sports Club offers an even more fantastic range of children's and parent's facilities, including a Bundy's first and only 6-star parent's room.  



For the Kids 


Voted Best Children's Facilities in Queensland at the Clubs Queensland Awards for Excellence, The Waves secure, indoor/outdoor play facility includes an impressive MegaToy playground, five iPads with App Store games, and two retro pinnies with sixty games, including Donkey Kong, Frogger, Space Invaders, and Pacman. There's also drawing, crafts, children's DVDs, and weekend supervised play activities. The entire children's play area is seperated from the dining area by floor-to-ceiling glass so you can monitor the safety of your children, or watch them on security screens placed throughout the bistro area.  


The Little Waves Play Facility is one of Bundy's funnest, most excitingest things to do while mum and dad do boring grown-up things.   












For the Parents 


Our most recent club redevelopment included the addition of Bundaberg's first 6-star parents' room. This huge room includes:

  • Air-conditioning
  • Button-push, auto-door access (feel free to use your hip or elbow if you're carrying bug and bag)
  • Private breast-feeding room with recliner chairs
  • Dual concave change bench tops
  • Childrens' mini bathroom and mini toilet
  • Hands-free sensor soap dispensors and faucets for added ease and hygiene
  • Secure, gated toddler play area with LED TV, childrens' movies, toys, and activities, all in direct line of sight with all other parts of the room. 


This is Bundaberg's easiest, most functional, most attractive parents' room.







Bundaberg Parent's Room